The first time I met Alexandra, she insisted I listen to a track she recently found online – an epic two hour set by an underground European upstart taking the digital music scene by storm. I’d never heard of him but loved it – it was intense, layered and uplifting. I instantly shared her recommendation to my friends and couldn’t help but claim the new ‘find’ as my own. Who wouldn’t, it was that impressive. Soon after, Alex shared another belter with me and I claimed it as a personal find again. More tracks, more deceit until I could take the guilt no more. I confessed and revealed my source to the crew.

In my humble opinion, Alex is a taste-maker. She has an extraordinary eye and ear for the arts, plus, an uncanny ability to forage for incredible music, fashion, literature and anthropological creations. Daughter of an incredibly talented artist, Alex thinks her forte is scrapping to find the best live DJ set but I’ve seen evidence across all cultural spectrums that proves otherwise.

If you’ve been searching for a contemporary, online cultural barometer that has systematically weeded out mundane noise to reveal a curated sanctuary showcasing genius endeavours of our talented youth – you’ve found it at Original Mix. Needless to say, I continue to ‘follow’ Alex and I’m hugely excited about Original Mix. Her rarities will enlighten your world as it has mine.