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The perfect little towel, Hammamas. No unwanted, offensive, $2 christmas gift towels here. Hamammas have created the clever cotton towel that is perfect for every bikini location. Beautifully made with stylish features taken from Turkish designs. Super compact and lightweight for every packing and travel need.  Super soft, like your favourite cotton shirt, the more you wash it, the softer it gets and my favourite part, they can double as a sarong, picnic blanket and beach dress. Completely versatile!

The Hammamas philosophy is to love life, celebrate colour and keep things simple. 

I had a shoot at home featuring my beautiful blue and white striped Hammamas towel and it made me wish it was summer already so I would have somewhere to take it! 

My beautiful puppy even loved the towel so much, she just had to be involved (see her photobomb on the last image).







Towel : Hammamas 

Turtleneck Knit : Bassike

Makeup : Mecca Cosmetica

Photographer : Jonathon Yeo






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