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Keeping fit while you travel shouldn’t be that complicated – its best to keep things simple! Being active will make you feel better about having that second dessert and that extra bottle of wine – it would be rude not to!


First and foremost, commit to being active. Commit to a routine while you’re travelling. The hardest part of keeping fit is maintaining a healthy attitude and mindset. Once you’re mentally prepared to be active, the rest is easy!




Chances are you will be dining out every night, which is a good and bad thing. Try to make sensible choices majority of the time. Take the time to evaluate the menu. Select foods that are steamed, roasted or broiled. Avoid all fried foods. Ask for dressings and sauces, to be put on the side. Don’t be afraid to request to have your food prepared in a way that is not on the menu. Most chefs are happy to make these changes. There is no need to deny yourself the pleasures of eating out, but keep your choices as healthy as possible. Or my favourite option, convince your dining partner to get that creamy, cheesy pasta while you get the steamed fish and ask for a bite… WIN WIN!!




Scope out whether your hotel/accommodation has a gym, most have a small fitness room with you can do your at home fitness circuit in.

My favourite thing about keeping fit while travelling is you can be creative, adventurous and completely spontaneous! Put on your favourite playlist and get exploring.

Think about where you are, what does it have to offer? Skiing, swimming, surfing, running, cycling, hiking. See if they have yoga or pilates classes on somewhere near. If you’re in the the city go for a long walk and explore – see museums on your way or just get lost for a few hours. Explore, explore, explore and before you know it you’ve burned more calories than you would have in the gym and you’ll have a phone full of pictures that could rival anything on pinterest.




If for some reason you can’t get outdoors, the weather, jet lag or you’re just too tired. Here’s a quick full body circuit you can do in even the smallest room or hotel gym. The trick is to do as many as you can in the time allocated :

40 seconds – Jumping squats

20 seconds rest

40 seconds – Crunches

20 seconds rest

40 seconds – Running planks

20 seconds rest

40 seconds – Push ups

20 seconds rest

40 seconds – Russian Twists

20 seconds rest

Now repeat 5 times!


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