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“Who was playing at 5am in the chill-out room?” was something I heard repeatedly after the Cityfox-Life and Death showcase this past Halloween. Well, it was none other than Maxi Storrs. Already on the short list of artists sought to feature, his set that morning as a guest sealed the deal to host him more formally. While he resides in Istanbul, as a founding member and resident of Suma Beach, he’s a man of the world, having spent significant time shaping his art in the underground of San Francisco, founding Dusty Eardrums in Goa & Thailand, with residences in Berlin, and inspired by the nature of beautiful Vermont. And it’s a varied perspective that comes through in his music, as rich as his travels: lush, warm and inviting, demonstrated through this set. I can’t wait for him to soundtrack the dawn of a new year in the River Room.

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