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It’s the same story with every flight, you board glowing and bouncing with excitement from for your adventure, only to step off looking like a zombie. Flat hair, your skin’s dehydrated, you smell stale and feel like you’ve swallowed a balloon. Fortunately, looking and feeling like a complete mess doesn’t have to be a reality of air travel. It only takes a little planning to step off a long flight looking refreshed—and not like rumpled mess.


What should always be in your suitcase?

A black blazer, white t-shirt, black t-shirt, a nice blouse, jeans, denim shorts, a NICE black dress, a good pair of boots, and a nice pair of sandals. Add on from there based on where you’re off to!


The secret to a stress free journey?

BE ORGANISED! Make sure everything you’ve packed is compartmentalised, your luggage and your carry-on. Get to the airport early, get a book or magazine, bring snacks, scope the movies, put your comfy clothes on and zone out. Try to enjoy the ‘me’ time…  


Staying fresh on a flight?

Moisturise and stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water. Bring a rose spray or a hydrating spray for a quick refresh. Always bring an eye mask/face mask, even if you look like a psychopath, it will do wonders for your skin! Try to get some good sleep.


Make-up quick fixes if you are looking tired after a flight?

Cleanse your face and moisturise. After that, put a bit of concealer on under the eyes, a bit of mascara and some pawpaw ointment on the lips. Don’t get on the plane with make-up and don’t get off the plane with too much make-up.


Dealing with jet lag?

When you get on the plane, change your clock/watch to the time zone of where landing, try at adjust to that schedule as soon as you settle in. If landing in the evening, stay up few a few hours, have a nice meal, some much needed wine and then go to bed. If landing in the morning, try to stay up all day! Have a shower, get outside, do some exercise, go for a swim, get a massage. Try to make sure you’re occupied until 10 or 11 o’clock at night then have the best sleep you’ve ever had!


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